Liberty Diner

1Liberty diner
We all met for diner at Liberty Diner this evening after I got off work.   I had one of their $7.99 Specials they are offering which include certain entrees,a choice of soup and a choice of one of 3 different pies.    This is one my son’s favorite places to eat.

I had the Mushroom Meatloaf, which comes with mashed potatoes, onion soup and Coconut Cream pie.    The soup was good, and  I loved the meatloaf and mashed potatoes, but my personal preference on Coconut Cream pie is to have it refrigerated to the point it is almost frozen, and it was just chilled.

They have a New York City Theme going with the pictures in the restaurant that I really liked.

Kyle and Marv got the Lemon Chicken Soup, which they said was delicious and Kyle got a burger and Marv got something off of the Specials menu.  It was nice to have a sit down dinner during the week as lately we rarely ever eat together except for an occasional Whopper Wednesday at Burger King.

I didn’t take any pictures inside as I didn’t want to spoil our get together, so waited until we got outside and were leaving on the cold and rainy evening last night.


2929 Goshen Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

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