Sheridan Court Apartment Front Entrance

1Sheridan court apts
I had visited my friend Beth after work and was driving past Sheridan Court Apartments on Union Street (as she lives a block or two south) and stopped to snap this picture as we lived on the 3rd floor for a few years in the late 80’s.

Ironically, a fella Kyle is working with now lives in the same apartment we had used to rent.

It is a beautiful building, with hardwood floors, tall ceilings and when we lived there it still had leaded glass in our front window.  We had a bedroom that was rather non-descript  with windows on the North wall and a closet.   The kitchen had  built in cabinets on the North wall and to the side of the sink,  a large porcelain sink that I defrost the first ever turkey that I cooked in 1987 (and didn’t know I should have taken out the giblets).   The vintage fridge as in the center between two small counter tops on either side and it had a postage size freezer that only one ice tray would fit.  

The living room looked special with the leaded glass windows on the east side and despite being an older building we were able to get cable installed.  The bathroom was  small with just a tub and an add on hose for a shower attachment and the commode was piped into the wall with no tank,   The cost back then was for $225/mo and heat (steam with radiators) was included.   We were allowed to have cats with a deposit (of course now, it is much more expensive).

While the 3rd floor walkup was a bear to move in and out of a lug laundry to the laundrymat or carry up groceries, it did give us a daily dose of exercise and it was always warm in the winter.

While the apartment looked nice, it had its downsides.      While living there we had a total of 6 bats, my first kitten fell out the window due to a faulty screen an died, our tires were slashed twice (along with everyone on the street), a motorcycle stolen as was Marv’s short wave radio when we were moving  in and only a few feet away.   Our downstairs neighbor had his car stolen from the back lot and it was later found torched in Southtown Mall’s parking lot (where Walmart South is now located).   Also, all cans had to be rinsed and trash had to be taken out everyday to avoid bugs. 

While not sure if a good or a bad thing, our back stairway neighbor would get drunk and sell his expensive coffee at a discount to me for cash to buy beer.   Marv said it was unethical and I was taking advantage of the poor guy and taking him down the path to hell so I turned him down the next time he offered to sell it.   About a week later Marv was wondering why he didn’t have coffee and had to remind him that wasn’t in the budget and I had only been buying it to help out the neighbor guy get his party on.  

They do have a laundry room on premises in the back that you had to use your apartment key to open to get in, but I only used it once as it looked like something straight out of horror movie and at the time I was the only one there and it creeped me out.

One interesting this that happened while there was we experienced our first ever earthquake which we didn’t even know could happen in our area.   We were in the livingroom and it was like being on a one of those beds in a motel where you put coins in the bed and it would shake, except it was the whole room.  We noticed the back stairs seemed slightly off kilter after that and avoided them.


The building is in the central downtown historic district and built in 1926 by a local architect, A.M. Strauss, who also designed  Lincoln Tower and the Embassy Theatre and he lived in the an apartment on the south side of the building.   

Location:  719 Union Street, Fort Wayne, IN 

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this. man, that’s been so long ago but I really liked the place as I like old, historic buildings. I remember you had me sometime do laundry in the apartment house laundry room because it creeped you out.

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