Tom’s Donuts – One of the few places can get a donut after dark

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The Adkins Diet, which is effective but bans bread and baked goodies was the demise of many donut places in the mid-2000’s.     It is now hard to find a fresh non-pre-packaged donut in the evening, but we lucked out as Tom’s Donuts was open at 9PM  (I believe the sign indicated they close at 9:15PM).

We bought some chocolate frosted cream filled long johns and cinnamon buns that were large and still fresh despite having set all day (the bake fresh donuts every morning).   I liked both as the long john had a sweet, but not too sweet, creamy vanilla cream filling that was well complimented soft yeast donut and chocolate frosting on top.

The cinnamon bun was large and had a light coating of cinnamon in the twists and was drizzled with a sugary glaze but not hardened like you would get pre-packaged or if it had set too long.

Tom’s Donuts is local chain that has been in business since 1970 and used to have other locations in Fort Wayne (Coliseum Blvd & Parnell), Kendallville  and another in New Haven but have since closed, leaving on on the one in Fort Wayne on Wells Street and another in Angola that is open 24 hours.

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