Fresh Thyme Market

By: kmom14

Nov 05 2014

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is a new chain grocery store that opened where the old Borders bookstore used to be on the corner of Coliseum and Coldwater Roads in Fort Wayne.

It is similar to Earth Fare and Fresh Market in what they have to offer, which is similar to what Scott, our local Kroger affiliate used to offer, in the form of a salad bar ($5.99lb) , bulk foods and and Olive bar($7.99lb), except their prices, well at least their “loss leaders” that get you in the store, are cheaper.

I purchased a large cabbage as it was 3lbs for $1 and a package of strawberries for .99 cents.   I also purchased a few spices from their bulk spice section and they are a name brand (don’t recall which one though), but found it to be a little more expensive than what I could get at 3 Rivers Co-Op on Sherman Street and not quite as fresh.

As the new market is not far from where I live and do have affordable prices on their sale items, I do see myself going once week for a awhile to check out what they have and pick up a few items each week.


Marv purchased some of the grass fed beef for $2.98 lb


One comment on “Fresh Thyme Market”

  1. […] Although I used to have fresh cabbage as a kid as my Mom grew it in our garden and I have bough many pre-packaged and deli cole slaws this is one of the few times in my adult life that I have actually bought a cabbage (purchased a few days ago at Fresh Thyme). […]

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