Shambaugh Family Dentistry

By: kmom14

Nov 11 2014

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Our dentist retired recently and his records and one of his dental hygentist’s, Casey, moved to Shambaugh Family Denistry  and they had an A+ rating with no complaints with the BBB so I decided to give them a try as I needed to get my teeth cleaned.

There are pluses and minuses.    It was more “upscale” all the way around; more expensive neighborhood, a larger waiting area with leather chairs and Cherry end tables a flat screen TV and Wifi so I knew off the bat that equals more expensive.

It was nice to have the hygentist from the old office do the cleaning and point out the differences with new office being much more proactive and that the fluoride treatment that was included in cleanings at the old dentist’s office was a lesser quality, but at this office was a higher quality but $38 and usually not covered by insurance and was able to opt not to get it this time and avoid a nasty surprise when I checked out.

Another thing they did, which I had never had at any dentist office before was check for periodontal disease in rating the gums on a point test to check for the space in millimeters between gum and teeth.   One hygentist checked and called out the numbers to another hygentist to log and it seemed to be that 3 points were checked on each tooth both inside and out.

One this I don’t like it the location is that it near the edge of town and depending on traffic takes 15 to 25 minutes to get there.    They also currently don’t have any Friday hours, but plan having some hours in the future on Fridays by appointment and they open at 7am on Thursdays.

I met one of the dentists, Dr. Hertig, who was younger than I expected, but seemed enthusiastic and knowledgeable and I felt better about Kyle having to have his tooth extracted later this week by him after meeting him.

I have decided that the pluses out-weighted the minuses and the extra cost and distance is worth the price, especially after the dentist at Kool Smiles who wasn’t paying attention and overground the two back teeth and this is now the 2nd tooth that he worked on have to be extracted.


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