Operation Christmas Child Drop Off at Sonrise Church

Thankfully my son had come home right when I was getting ready to load up the “bag lady” rolling cart full of shoe boxes to drop off as I had a terrible time getting it my backseat last year, but he was able to get it out of the house, down the long walkway and into the backseat of the car in about a minute.

It helped that I was parked behind his truck and he wanted to leave right away as he was 100% motivated to get me packed up and backed out of the driveway.

Above are pics of the drop off.  Two nice gentlemen inside helped get the cart out of the car and took the boxes in for me and then brought the cart back out.


One comment on “Operation Christmas Child Drop Off at Sonrise Church”

  1. it does help if the kid has the proper motivation, like having his vehicle blocked in when Kathy need the car unloaded of groceries or need help loading up stuff ( like pop cans and recycling).

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