Texting again

By: kmom14

Nov 27 2014


Category: Kyle


Focal Length:13.5mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

I rarely see my son anymore, and when I do, it is mostly the top of his head as he is always texting.

Somebody really needs to put a clever texting etiquette video to get the point across that while it is a useful tool, there is a time to turn it off and tune back into actual conversations with live people in your life.

It is annoying to hear pings, bells and whistles all through dinner as his friends are texting him back, and for him to drop out mid conversation to text them back.   Worse yet, although this was a family day, he announced he needed to be done by 3pm as he had made plans to go elsewhere.

This really makes me re-think what I want to do for Christmas; although I had joked before that China Express is open Christmas Day and we could pick up some dinners and have a “Christmas Story” type dinner, but now thinking of going that direction for real.   I wouldn’t have to shop, cook or clean up.


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  1. your post has dandriff

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