Create a Free Mini Figure Family Lego Card

They have a free app on Lego’s site where you can create a mini figure family and the choice of a few backgrounds and greetings to send a card.

I chose a purple kitty sweater and black pant for my figure.   As Marv usually tinkering with something and getting something on him I chose the stained outfit for him along with his signature truckers cap.

For Kyle, I tried to pick something similar to  his work uniform along with a sock cap that looks a little like his Carhartt hat.

While there was a limited selection on pets, I think the ones above represent them nicely; Ratdog is a Chihuahua and although Letti is a much bigger dog and a different breed than a Dalmatian, she thinks she is a little dog and she does favor Kyle and the adoring look toward him captures that.




One comment on “Create a Free Mini Figure Family Lego Card”

  1. I’m a fat Lego man for Christmas

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