Sears Shop Your Way Rewards In-Vehicle Pickup

I had ordered and paid for some items online from that were available for free in-store pick up (not all items they offer have this option) and they now have free app you can download to have the items brought out to your vehicle within 5 minutes with a printout they email you when it is ready.

My phone is too basic to download the app, but we were able to call the store and they sent someone out to pick up the receipt and bring out the items.

It is unique; I don’t know of any other store that offers this option, but is great if you don’t live far from a Sears store and have limitations on time for shopping or physical disabilities and want to save money on shipping.


One comment on “Sears Shop Your Way Rewards In-Vehicle Pickup”

  1. In a hurry or not. Wondering around the gigantic mall isn’t for me and it’s great to not have to leave your vehicle in the cold winter. It’s one thing that I do not like about Costco is that their shelves are not labeled so you end up Wondering around the store ( a million square feet it seems) to buy some soup crackers and Pop Tarts.

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