Lights on Walkway Downtown

By: kmom14

Dec 15 2014

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Category: Fort Wayne, Historic Fort Wayne

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

In the 1990’s a large pine tree was installed on the top of the walkway between the parking garage and the bank, but now they have lights that represent a tree and other lights, which is more visually stimulating at night.  

I used to work at Wells Fargo and parked in the garage on the left after I had an accident and went back to work in a wheelchair and I recall it was not handicapped friendly.  The lower floor had a few handicapped spaces on the far right wall, but you had to risk your life to try to get across to them at 5pm traffic.  In trying to wheel across, I was nearly hit three days in a row.

There were also a few spaces on the roof and tried them instead, but it was exposed to the elements  and the door opened out instead of in and was hard to open, especially in the dead of Winter with snow piled up.   I ended up having to get approval from HR at the bank to park in one of the spots reserved for customers at the far wall on the 2nd floor that was on the same level as the walkway and still paid the pay nearly $100 a month to park to the parking garage (which I thought should have been to the bank instead as they had already rented those spaces) to be able to get into work without feeling I was risking my life.

Location: Walkway between garage and Wells Fargo Bank, corner of Calhoun & Berry Street, Fort Wayne, Indiana


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