At Physcian’s Urgent Care

When going into work this morning I had not one, but two “Mrs. Fletcher” (of “Lifecall commercial fame”) moments when trying to traverse the icy parking lot. There must have been an icy patch near the end of my car as that is where I first fell despite wearing my ugly UGGs knockoff snow boots, falling hard on my hands and knees. I used the bumper and trunk of my car to try to get back up but fell again, this time hitting my my right temple on the bumper of the car.

As I knew trying to stand up where I was at would probably result in a repeat of the above an my instinct were driving me to crawl back into my car and go home, I knew I had too much I needed to get done at work to do that so I crawled a bit to the non-icy salted center of the parking lot, probably looking more like Shamu trying to get back to the ocean than Tawny Kitean in a “Whitesnake” video.

It did get up and make my way into the building and checked in and sat down and although sore and beginning to look a little Cro-Magnon Man on the right side of my face, thought I could make it through the day, but the lower left side of my back started having spasms and I was in a lot of pain. I filed a report with my supervisor and had decided to try to get into see my family doctor, only to find out he had retired.

I was not impressed with either physician’s office that I was referred to as they indicated that they could not see me and could not transfer me back to the reception desk to see if a different physician was available and when calling back the third time, found the entire practice closed at 11am on Fridays….really? How lazy; not a place where I will consider going in the future, that is for sure.

I ended up calling Marv to pick me up to go to the closest urgent care center, and the above Physicians Urgent Care on Coliseum Blvd where the former “Hooters” restaurant was before it closed and burned down, was the closest place I could think of.   It was a small staff – from what we could tell was 3 people, but can’t say it was all that urgent…I was there for 2 hours and there was only one person ahead of me and one person we saw walk out while we were there.

The receptionist/X-ray tech was nicest one of the three, followed by the nurse that was ok to the Dr. that adequate but not all that personable, but that is typical for most doctors, which is why I have not been to see one in 10 years before this happened.  I didn’t think anything was broken but was happy to have that confirmed.   Another plus was they had the short term prescription there (probably a sample bottle of muscle relaxer) so didn’t have to drop off at a pharmacy and wait a half our for it to be filled.


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