Azar’s Big Boy

By: kmom14

Jan 19 2015


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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

The iconic “Big Boy” for Azar’s Big Boy Restaurants chain is still outside 6800 Bluffton Road in Fort Wayne.

Azar’s that was popular chain restaurant  in the late 60’s and early 70’s, although there is only one location still in town, although the concept and inspiration for the “Big Boy” dates back to the 1930’s.  The inspiration was six year old Richard Woodruff.

Per Wikipedia

“When he was six years old, Woodruff walked into the diner Bob’s Pantry as Bob Wian was attempting to name his new hamburger. Wian said, “Hello, Big Boy” to Woodruff, and the name stuck.

Warner Bros. animation artist Ben Washam sketched Richard’s caricature, which became the character seen on the company trademark.

The Big Boy character was revised in 1956 by an artist working for Ken Bird, a Big Boy paper products supplier and Manfred Bernhard, son of legendary graphic designer Lucian Bernhard.[11] This 1956 Big Boy figure was used for large painted fiberglass statues placed outside the restaurants and was featured in The Adventures of Big Boy comic book, produced as a promotional giveaway for children visiting the restaurants.”

At this time, Wikipedia also indicates there are still 104 franchises in the US and 284 in Japan.



One comment on “Azar’s Big Boy”

  1. my older brother Clyde worked at Azar’s in Huntington, IN during his senior yr. in high school in ’73-’74. My mom really liked their Bleu Cheese salad dressing as I still do. They have large chunks of bleu cheese in their dressing. In the morning they have the breakfast bar with tons of crisp greasy bacon. any bacon left when the close the breakfast bar is cut up and used in their salad bar. When asked where to go for dinner on my birthday I said Big Boy!

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