Rear Ended

By: kmom14

Jan 20 2015


Category: Car, Fort Wayne

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On the way to work this morning there was a semi truck ahead of me that had slowed way down before going over the railroad tracks ahead.   I slowed down as well and thought about going around the truck, but everyone behind me starting whipping around on the left hand side except a large SUV looking thing coming at me from behind too fast.

I saw it coming but there was no where for me to go with cars passing on the left and no shoulder on the road, just the drop down ditch and the vehicle slammed into my car,  re-injuring my healing back and catching my left side on the seatbeat.

I was very upset and angry, but collected myself and called the police.   I didn’t want to go in an ambulance as I knew my car would be towed.   I didn’t injure anything major, but I didn’t get out of the car the entire time I was there as I was sore.  I called my boss and told her I wouldn’t be in to work today.

The policewoman took my info and that of the people behind me, then gave me back my registration with a report number to get a copy of the police report to get the other person’s insurance information and told me to leave.  I said I didn’t even know the what they type of vehicle that hit me was and she said it was an Envoy and all the information would be on the report and left.

The male police office stopped traffic so I could pull out and I left, went home, took the leftover muscle relaxers from Friday and some Advil and went home and spent the rest of the day in bed.


One comment on “Rear Ended”

  1. I’m glad yr feeling better. You didn’t mention that on the previous friday you fell twice in the parking lot and on the 2nd time you hit yr head on the front bumper and left work after 3 hrs. of work and we went to the doctors office AND then on monday this Dick hits you from behind

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