Art Van Furniture Store

By: kmom14

Jan 25 2015


Category: Shopping

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This was our first ever trip to Art Van Furniture store.  I had seen some of their ads online and checked out their site and as I am thinking about getting a new couch decided to check them out.

It was a icy, snowy day but it was good to see someone outside shoveling and putting down salt to make it easier to get in.  Once inside we were promptly greeted by several well dressed and well groomed sales people offering to assist.

I told them I didn’t have the money right now and was just looking today and they advised if I had any questions to let them know.    We were approached by others in the store as we made our way through it offering to assist, but no one was too pushy when I said I was just looking around to day, which I liked.   Nothing makes me want to run to the door faster than a too pushy sales person,

We wandered around to store and they did seem to have good prices; I was shocked to see a nice couch on clearance for $349.  Heck, there were ones that I had browsed on Craigslist that were used that cost more than that.

There were also snazzy pieces that looked great on their showroom floor, but were too big or bold to fit into my modest living room.   Overall I would say their offering were modern, yet classic and not too trendy.   They had many types of leather, microfiber and other cloth materials.  Some had recliners or sofabeds.  One pricier leather reclining model sectional had a push button recliner and a massage option for the seat and lower back.   The vibrating seat was too much like riding in my Oldsmobile years ago when the shocks were bad, so when the recliner was going up it made me want to pump the brakes.

It might be just my perception, but many of the couches seemed a little shorter than what I have now, but it lets me know I need to measure before my next trip to see what might fit.

Overall I was happy with with my experience in looking around and do plan on going there again to shop for furniture in the future.

One comment on “Art Van Furniture Store”

  1. the Olds reference was funny and I agree. they offered us 20% off right when we went in due to the snow flurries and no customers inside but before we left 3/4 of an hour later the store was full of folks.

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