Taqueria B

Good Fresh Food, Open and Industrial Atmosphere

This is a new restaurant owned by the former owner of Bandido’s Northcrest and is obviously geared more toward a younger crowd as it is more on-trend.

Our server waited on us and walked us through the process for future visits. Typically, when you go in you order your food at the counter and pay, then the server brings it to you when it is ready.

It is a “fresh” concept restaurant where everything is made fresh every day from scratch with no canned, or frozen item. They also don’t use any lard in their cooking.  As such, it is a little pricier than other “fast food” places.

The restaurant if very open with rows of square wood tables with lime green covered chairs.   The kitchen somewhat visible from the restaurant separated by shiny metal counters and cabinets.

There is a 16 seat shiny metal bar to the right that is separated from the restaurant with only a rail and there is a TV.   At the bar (which you must be 21 or older to sit at) you don’t have to order and pre-pay and can order your dinner and drinks from the bartender.

The floor is just concrete that has had a coating put on the top.   There is a large wall decoration in back which appears to be the Virgin Mary in chalk but there is a lot of blank space around it, which is a little unsettling; it feels unfinished.   On the side walls were large terra cotta colored chalk boards that advertised their offerings.

Drinks are served in Ball canning jars and they offer 16 regional craft beers. Limes and lemons for drinks are hand squeezed fresh.   If you order an alcoholic beverage, you order it at the table and run a tab at pay at the end via a phone the waitperson will bring to your table so your card  never leaves your sight.

The food was good, but the options are limited: Appetizers, Salads, Nachos, Quesadillas, Grill Plate (2 toritillas, grilled onions or rice and Fajita Steak or Chicken), Burritos and Tacos with your choice of meat.   They do not come with sides and   they do not offer any “combo” meals; sides are extra.   There is option of large ($9-10) or small ($8).   There is only one kids meal option, which is a cheese quesadilla for $4.

I had chips ($1) and salsa ($2).  The bowl of chips was large, but I ran out of salsa half way through the chips.   The chips were fresh and crispy and the salsa was flavorful with a little heat but I can’t say it was anything special.

My guest had the a large order of beef tacos with ground beef ($10)  that were served in soft flour tortillas.   The tacos were huge; a large order could easily feed two people (my guest was only able to eat one and took the other home).   I think they might do better to offer smaller portions at less expensive prices and also vegetarian or non-meat options.

For us, the food was good but the atmosphere is far too casual for the cost for our liking and will likely place to-go orders.

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One comment on “Taqueria B”

  1. I am “the guest” mentioned above. I could have gotten (ordered) a smaller portion but I ordered the large. I seldom ask for a togo box. I’m able to consume the full order of ” The Cisco Sampler” Bandido’s offers a there other locations. These were Big Taco’s

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