I should preface this by saying I have always thought the best part of Valentine’s Day was February 15th when you can buy candy at half price at the stores.

I sure the nice lady who draws all of the picture on our bulletin board meant for the drawing to be of cute angelic cherub holding the heart of true love in one hand and a bow and arrow to spread the love and surrounded by love announcing the month.

Perhaps it is my tilted disposition, but upon first glance I saw Satan holding a bloody heart that had been freshly ripped from someone’s chest that filled the area with hearts to mock the victim.

Other will say, you should be able to tell it is Cupid by the wings; I have to point out the demon creature from “Jeepers Creepers” had wings.  Others would then point out the bow and arrow; I have to point out that Daryl Dixon in “Walking Dead” has one also…to shoot Zombies.

Some would say the dead giveaway it was a fabled creature of happiness and light due to the halo above its head; I have to point out that in the beginning, Lucifer was a little cherubic angel.   Pictured above, he is just a cloud banner away from being a flasher.



One comment on “Cupid…or…Satan?”

  1. I like the way you look at life.

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