Fortune Buffet


Large variety of decent food at reasonable prices

This is the first we had gone to the The Fortune Buffet, which was formerly the Hibachi Grill but was sold and there had been a change in management.

We decided to try it out as we there was a coupon in our Mad Money coupon book and it advertised their chef has 20+ years of experience, offer a Sushi, Seafood and Hibachi Grill and their lunch prices were $7.25 (when I called they advised lunch was served up to 3:30pm0.    We ended up using the free drinks with meal purchase coupon.   Before tip, both of our meals ended up being under $15.00

They are still located in Coldwater Crossing and the decor and and layout as when it was Hibachi Grill.  They still have the stained glass window in front and on the dividers and the waterfall with the large goldfish up front (bottom right picture).

One that was different is that most of the dishes were labeled as to what they were on the sneeze guard and I tried one of the desserts that was marked new, think it was called a “Tropical Medley” that seems to have pineapple in pistachio pudding and some other fruits, I think one was an apple, and it was delicious and not something I had seen any place else.

Another original dessert that was near the ice cream was like a rice krispies type treat that appeared to be made with and oat type of cereal instead.  It was good but very filling – I was not able to finish a complete square and might be best if they were cut into smaller squares.

I had their Hibachi steak with onion, peppers, mushrooms and snow pea pods and you watch the chef prepare and have options of adding garlic, seasonings and sauces and it was delicious.

Another thing I tried was their macaroni and cheese and it was creamy and cheesy and good.

One gripe I had, that would still be the same as before on large ice cream containers in the case against the wall it is difficult to get to unless you are rather tall.   I am 5’6″ and couldn’t reach the ice cream I wanted in the back that was about half empty, (but I didn’t see any unattended children this visit) .   Maybe if they could put a large bowl under the containers to raise them closer to the top of the freezer it would help.

Another is there was not much of a selection of stuff to put on salad, there was the lettuce, cucumbers, and three dressings, although they are the more popular ones:  Ranch, Thousand Island and Poppy Seed.   There were also bacon bits and something else in a nearby shaker container, but I would prefer more toppings like chopped up onions and beets, shaved carrots, diced tomatoes, cauliflower and broccoli and few of the “boxed” dessert cakes that look pretty but lack flavor.

Service was good with our waitress checking back frequently in checking to see if we needed a refill or plates needed cleared considering they were fairly busy.

For the price and what you get, it is a great value and the large variety they offer could satisfy a variety of tastes if you have a get together to satisfy those different tastes.
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