Model and Historic Train Show at Baker Street

This was actually taken last Sunday when we went to a model train show shortly before it closed last Sunday has Marv had heard about it on television.

The top left picture is a 1/8 scale model of a Pennsylvania class K4s 4-6-2 steam engine.

In the other pictures it also shows on display were model train dioramas with functional trains, old railroad items, railroad maps, memorabilia

In one room (not pictured) was where a man had a slideshow set up on a screen of of historical train pictures taken in Indiana along with pictures that were for a sale an calendars for $3 a piece.

Also not pictured, in yet another room there was a large map set up along with railroad related original paintings and artwork.

It took us around a half hour to go through and while it the show might have been geared towards train buffs, with the variety of items it was something that even non-train buffs could enjoy.



One comment on “Model and Historic Train Show at Baker Street”

  1. […] didn’t take any pictures today as I stayed in as feeling under the weather, but we went to a A Model Train Show at Baker Street Station a few weeks ago and above is an interesting picture of a collection historic padlocks that had been […]

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