Girl Scout Cookies

After work I stopped at the store to purchase groceries and was greeted by two very enthusiastic Girl Scouts hawking their cookies.

Although in the past I have found cookies to be overprices, not as good as they used to be and heard the actual Girl Scout only gets around 50 cents, the little gals were so adorable and excited I ended up purchasing two boxes at $4 each from them.

Above is after I purchased my cookies where the little rays of sunshine were doing cheers about their cookies.

Gosh, I wish I felt half the excitement about anything in my life like the little gals did about selling cookies.  I only vaguely remember hawking cookies door to door as a grade schooler and being excited about the possibility of earning my way to camp that I otherwise couldn’t have gone to.

I wished the camp I went to had lived up to my excited expectation,  but I ended up being thankful it was over, even though it was only day camp.

Drinking lukewarm water and showering from a large tomato juice can with a stick in it was not my idea of fun.   While the S’mores where delicious, the “Hollywood Chicken” was a mystery dish I didn’t want to get to know, despite the leader forcing the recipe on us to take home.  The only fun thing I remember is making a tye dyed t-shirt with a t-shirt, dye and a rubber bands.

The experience confirmed what my first grade teacher, Mrs. Dunwoody, always said, that I was a “house cat”.  She always said like it was a bad thing because I preferred to be indoors and read books than be outside on the monkey bars the cold snowy weather.


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  1. that’s my mommacat

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