Ziano’s Italian Eatery

Above average atmosphere, decent foods at decent prices

This was my first time dining at this restaurant, which is part of a local chain.   We went while they still has the $6.49 spaghetti and meatball special that included a side salad.

I was impressed with the atmosphere and decor as it appeared higher end.  Even the bathroom (bottom right picture) was decorated nicely and everything was spotless.

The only thing I didn’t care for was the white butcher paper on the tables on top of the tablecloths at it seemed to cheapen the place up, but can understand from a practical perspective it makes it easier to clean and at a distance it looks like a white table topper, but just think it would be classier to have either glass or plexiglass.

We ordered a side of bread sticks and a side of cheese, which was only $1.  The bread was coated with oil, herbs and Parmesan cheese and it was hot, fresh and delicious.

The salad only has two options for dressing; Italian and Caesar.  I opted for the Caesar dressing, although not my favorite dressing, but it was decent.   The salad was a small bowl of crisp lettuce topped with what appeared to be Mozzarella and there was a bread stick on the side.

The spaghetti was served with Marinara Sauce, topped with one meatball and Mozzarella Cheese.   It was more like home-cooked spaghetti and it was decent, but the meatball wasn’t very firm (which I prefer in a meatball) and I thought the sauce could have used a little more herbs and garlic (but I prefer spicier food in general).

We didn’t have any dessert, but they have where you can buy a single piece of DeBrand’ s Gourmet Chocolates, and also have a warm 6 inch chocolate chip cookie topped with ice cream, a Cannoli, ice cream and a scrumptious looking Tiramisu.

Our waitress was friendly and while we were right at the deadline to order the lunch special, the order was accepted with a smile.

Overall I liked the food and loved the atmosphere and suggested to my son to take a date to and it will be a place I will dine at again in the future if I am on that side of town.

702 E Dupont Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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