1930’s People’s Trust and Saving Bank Time Clock


The clock is a piece of historic Fort Wayne, Indiana dating back to the 1930’s and it used to be outside People’s Trust and Saving Bank that had been downtown (since gone and building demolished) that has been revitalized and functioning and is now outside of the Baker Street Train Station/Banquet Hall.

Location: 221 West Baker Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46802


  1. in 1976-1978 while I was attending a Jr College downtown where The Grand Wayne Center is now I banked at Peoples Trust bank on Calhoun Street where One Summit Square is now and they tore the building down and was building One Summit in 1978 when I left Ft Wayne for employment elsewhere. When I got married in 1986 and came back to Ft, Wayne i always wondered what ever happened to the clock that hung above their front door (Peoples Trust). I even went so far as to ask The Historical Society and tried to research it at the Library to no avail. I wanted to see if I could buy it. It must have set in storage for 35 yrs till it was mounted at the old train station

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