Club Soda

Picture 118

When we were driving around this past weekend we considered going here, but as it is more upscale and a hangout for the more well-to-do professional crowd we were dressed in sweats and decided against it.

The establishment is Club Soda is a downtown bar/restaurant that is in a converted industrial building that was formerly a Indiana Textile Co. where the historic brick and painted advertising remains on the building, but it has also been upgraded with a glass dining area and a balcony.

I have only been inside once years ago and it had beautiful hardwood floors, a piano, and a bar on the right when you come in the front door.   I had only met a friend for a drink after work and didn’t have any food, but had been told by several people it is excellent.

Its local claim to fame though is the time that actor Harrison Ford, best known for portraying “Han Solo” in the “Star Wars” movies, had a layover at the local airport and decided to hop into a taxi and ended up going to Club Soda.

Had heard at first he was friendly to the people who kept coming up to him as he was easily recognized, but he really didn’t want all of the attention and finally ended up telling people that he just wanted to relax by himself in peace in a stern tone.


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