Mastodon Slinky

Picture 101
10 years ago, back in 2005,  Fort Wayne’s first-ever community public-art project “Mastodon’s on Parade” was initiated.  Fiberglass “Mastodons” were decorated by artists, individuals and businesses (or sponsored by) and were placed around the city, mostly downtown.

The Mastodon was probably selected as it is the mascot for the city’s local community college, IPFW.

They must have been sold off as I had not seen any for awhile until I spotted the above “Slinky Mastodon” at Georgetown Square off of East State Street in Fort Wayne, IN.

In researching it appears that the base Mastodon by made by  Mannetron Designs  and if I recall correctly, the cost to purchase the base “Mastodon” to decorate was between $250-$300.    I am not sure who decorated it though, but think it is cool.


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