Another Whopper Wednesday and Skin Tones

Diet Vanilla Coke in one hand and a Whopper with no pickle or onion in the other and dinner is on.

The conversation this week was about the “color” or tone in his face as he has been sick lately and he didn’t get how you can tell how you can sometimes tell how person is doing sometimes by their skin tone.

For example, in this picture he not only has not been feeling well, he took off his oxygen for the picture and he is pale.  When he first came in and wasn’t doing very well, his skin tone was sort of a greyish pale color.

If someone’s face has a bright red tone, it could be they are embarrassed or angry and/or have high blood, pressure or has he pointed out, it could be just a sunburn.

If you have liver problems, your skin could take on a yellow tone (jaundice).  When my liver had been punctured in an auto accident, not only did my skin have a yellow tinge, so did the whites of my eyes and the end of my toes were a bright yellow.

If you eat too many carrots, your skin can take on an orangish tone due the carotene that gives them their bright orange pigment.    When I went on a “carrot” diet in my younger years, it was more noticeable at my fingertips, but overall looked more like a bad, fake tan, which can also cause your skin to be orangish.

If someone is pale with greenish or grayish cast usually means someone is sick or anemic.


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