Panera Bread – a filling, inexpensive breakfast or snack for a Baker’s Dozen and Cream Cheese Bagels

By: kmom14

Mar 09 2015

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After worked I stopped the Panera Bread drive-thru near where we live and picked up a bakers dozen (13) crispy Cinnamon bagel and two small tubs of the Reduced Fat Hazelnut spread.   This is the first time I used their drive-thru, but it was fast and efficient, even with requesting the bagels be pre-sliced.  The only thing that was a little confusing as I was not sure what was the best way to exit as it is on the side of a small strip mall.

Our favorite bagel as it has crispy Cinnamon sugar coating and a crunch cinnamon sugar top.   The Hazelnut spread adds another layer of nutty flavor to the goodness.  The downside is this is my no means diet food, each bagel is 430 calories without anything on it.   However, it is very filling and just one bagel can be an entire meal and is great on the go for breakfast or take for lunch at work.  It cost for the bagels and cream cheese spread with tax cost around $15, which works out to be around $1.15 per bagel which makes for an inexpensive meal.

They also offer sandwiches, soups and cookies and a few other baked goods, but they are more expensive and I have not found them to be as good of a deal as the bagels.

Location:  526 E Coliseum Blvd, Fort Wayne, IN 46805
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