Happy Pi Day

As today is 3/14, and 3.14 is the math formula to figure he ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter ism commonly known at “Pi” or is π, today is “Pi” day.

I came across the above unique video on a blog that I follow and thought I would share it here. Although almost looks like something off a warped version of “Sesame Street”, I thought I heard a n unnecessary swear word when the rap section started in the middle of the video and not sure that anything in that section made much sense.  Yep, have to say about halfway through it goes from “Warped Sesame Street” to “Warped Sesame Street as interpreted by Alice in Wonderland on acid”.

As I had never heard of the duo of “Hard and Phirm” that created the video, I looked them up on Wikipedia and the name is a combination of their last names and they are a comedy parody duo and have had a special on Comedy Central Presents.



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