House, M.D.

I took today off as PTO as I was still coughing and had a fever and chills at work and ended up spending the entire day on the couch watch episodes “House, M.D.” on Netflix while drifting to sleep off and on all day.

House is a TV show staring Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House, an arrogant quick-witted, Vicodin popping, genius doctor of diagnostics and his team that solves medical puzzles.

While the medical mysteries are interesting enough, the show also has well developed, yet flawed characters with dysfunctional relationships.

It is a great show mainly because Hugh Laurie, who is actually a British actor is believable and brings the role to life and good writers that took show in many unexpected directions in its 8 year run.


One comment on “House, M.D.”

  1. I also likeded the program

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