Blue Cat Cafe – Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a crowd source funding site where you can pledge a certain amount to help a small business or venture kick off a new business venture and they post amount for donations and they post what you will get for the donation, whether it just be gratitude, a t-shirt or a sample of their product, etc. and if the amount posted is raised, your credit card is charged and the campaign is successful, or if not, nothing is charged as it was not a successful campaign.

This is one of the first that I have pledged.  It currently is around 49% funded with 459 backers an d 20 days to go and it is to start the “Blue Cat Cafe” in Austin, TX which will be a rescue shelter to get cats out of cages and into an interactive enviroment with human who can adopt them, or just come for a visit if they cannot have a cat for some reason.   There will be a food truck patio in back and they have partnered with food trucks that will serve coffee and vegan fare.

While I will probably never be able to go visit it if in is successful, I love this idea as I am a cat person that cannot have cats to due loved ones that are allergic and it sets off their asthma.   I have pledged $10 and if the campaign is successful, I will get my name on their wall in 12 point font.

If you would like to fund or would like additional information on this visit and search for “Blue Cat Cafe”


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