GEHENNA – Where Death Lives (Kickstarter Project)

Photo: Kickstarter Campaign

In perusing Kickstarter to see if I could find a horror film to invest in and found this gem.

It is an indie movie that  was co-written, directed and produce by Special Effects Sculptor/Creature Creator Hiroshi Katagiri, who has done work on many major motion pictures over the past 20 years – see his page on  IMDB.  It is also featuring Doug Jones,  a character actor who is probably best known for his role as Abe Sapien in the “Hellboy” movies or the Silver Surfer in the “Fantastic 4:  Silver Surfer”, but who I remember as being mascot “Charlie the Cardinal” at Ball State basketball games.   Being inside a character suit is a hot, sweaty and sometimes thankless job, but he not only brought life to the character and made it look fun, he was able to whip the crowd into a frenzy and get them excited.

The plot of the film from the campaign:

“Paulina and Tyler visit Saipan to scout locations for their company’s newest resort. They find a perfect location. But there’s some sort of hidden cave-like structure on the property, so they decide to explore it, enlisting the help of Alan (their location coordinator) and his assistant Pepe.

The cave turns out to be a long-abandoned Japanese military installation. It dates back to WW2. As they move underground through the cave, they encounter dried up corpses. Though it shocks them, they continue undaunted – their curiosity outweighing their fear. (This would not continue for long.)

Emerging from the darkness is an elderly man, alive, barely recognizable as human, deformed, ravaged by time. His frail body, with its loose hanging skin, makes the group surmise he’s been living in the cave for decades, or maybe his entire life. The old man gets too close to Alan, and Alan panics. He pushes the old man backward, sending him crashing into the wall with sufficient force to end his life.

A deafening explosion sends rocks and rubble everywhere. The intense turbulence shakes the entire cave, and knocks the group unconscious.

When they awaken, the dead body of the old man has disappeared, the dried corpses are also gone, and they … are sealed inside.

s you might imagine, fear now sets in. The group searches for an exit. They wander in every direction, uncovering information. They cannot be sure what will prove helpful and what are just new sinister secrets. Each member of the group also finds themselves strangely confronting their own most private secret, something from each of their pasts. Strange visions (and other revelations) cause reality to blur for each of them. For the group as a whole, it’s becoming a living nightmare.”

Another interesting that although the film’s setting is in Spain, the actual location filming location is the Island of Saipan in the Pacific Ocean between Japan and the Philippines and picked for its large caves that were used during WWII where real-life horrors took place, but noted that the Island was the location where actor Lee Marvin was shot in the tucus during war.

I opted to pledge the $15 option, which if the campaign is successful and the film is made, I will receive thescary screensaver, an on-site thank you and a digital download of the full feature film Gehenna – Where Death Lives.

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