Papa John’s Extra Large Double Bacon and Six Cheese Pizza – some pluses, some minuses

By: kmom14

Apr 11 2015

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I had previously signed up to receive Papa John’s emails and received an email for 40% off for a Tax Time promotion and purchased the above and I had not had their pizza in a long time as there are other pizza places in the area that are less expensive.

There was the option of making it an extra larger for $2 more and I opted to try this.  There was also a option to split pay online, where you could divide up and have each person pay separately, which is not something I had seen before, but is a great idea for a pizza place.  Additionally, they have a “Papa Rewards” program where if you sign up and order online you get points each time and after you meet the required number of points, you get a free pizza, which is also unique as I don’t know of any other pizza place that offers that sort of deal.

The extra large was just that, extra large, even more than I expected.   I liked the garlic butter to drizzle over the top and the banana pepper, but I was surprised that I didn’t like it more than I excepted and it tasted a little bland.  It could be that we have just gotten used to the flavor and taste of the other places we order from over the past few years.

The pieces of bacon and ham seemed smaller and less flavorful than we were used to and the sauce seemed like it needed more spices added to it.  It was very cheesy, which I like in a pizza, but with the bland sauce and smaller toppings it drowned out the other parts of the pizza and overall lacked flavor.  I ended up doctoring up with some spices, spaghetti sauce and topping and then it was pretty good

The pluses are the offer options, such as extra-large, the Papa Rewards” and split pay and include the garlic butter and banana pepper with each pizza that other places don’t.  The minuses are the higher price and lack for flavor.

Location:  1575 Goshen Ave Ste B,Fort Wayne, IN 46808
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