Ziosk – the future of restaurant ordering?

By: kmom14

Apr 19 2015

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We went out to eat at our local Chili’s chain restaurant and we noticed this little tablet on our table called a Ziosk and I checked it out.

It is a 7 inch Android Wi-fi and the one we had give you could check out the menu, order drinks, appetizers and desserts, read USA today, and had a few games you could play for $1.99.

It also touted the option to pay at the table so your credit card doesn’t leave your sight and print your receipt, although it didn’t work when we tried it and our waitress ended up running my card near our table.

In checking out their website, the are at or poised to be at several large chain restaurants such as Olive Garden and Red Robin.

Although I didn’t see it the options at our table, the Ziosk website advised that some have cameras where you can take snapshots and upload to your social media along with your dining experience, educate on a charity and allow a donation, shop for restaurant merchandise and leave feedback.

I have mixed feeling about the device or a nice distraction for single travelers alone in an city they don’t know make it easier to dine along, I think that if you go out to eat, you should be paying attention to the person or people that you are dining with, not any electronic device.   It should be an opportunity to connect with live people, not disconnect into a game or social media.

I am would also be leary about inputting my personal sign on information for any account for fear it could be captured or hacked.   I don’t see the younger generation using this option as most have hi-tech phones with internet and cameras already and live on them and social media already.

While the site indicates some waitstaff indicates their tips went up  with the device, personally, if I had to do most of the work in ordering I would not as it is basically turning the waitstaff into servers.    If that would be the trend, then eventually restaurants would have to at least minimum wage and it could drive prices much higher.





One comment on “Ziosk – the future of restaurant ordering?”

  1. as always, i like to read your reviews ( and see pics of me).

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