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Country Kitchen’s is a cake and candy bakeware and supplies 3rd generation locally owned store that has been in business since 1964.

I haven’t been in there for many years, but have fond memories of the the place and it would be a place I would shop for any specialty cake, baking or candy needs.  The staff has always been helpful and knowledgeable, and if they didn’t know tried to find a co-worker that did.

The above is their current location on Speedway Drive about 2 1/2 blocks North of Coliseum near Lima Road, but the original store was on Wells Street until there was a fire; I don’t recall exactly was – over 10 years ago but less than 25 years.

I have fond memories of visiting the original location when I was in high school, before they expanded that location with the modern demo classroom after the expansion, on a school field trip and the demo was on making your own candy bars.  Until that point in time, I never even considered the thought an individual could do that, but with a mold, candy melt, nuts and/or filling they made it look very simple.

It was also at the old location where I signed up for a class for $7 to learn how to make crescent rolls from scratch shortly after I was married, probably around 1987-88.  I still have the recipe in a cookbook somewhere stored in the garage and need to dig it out and make some again.  To get the flaky inner layers involved making the dough, rolling it out fairly thin, slathering butter on top and folding the dough 9 times then rolling out again and cutting into obtuse triangle shapes.    Before taking that class, it also had not occurred to me that crescent rolls could be filled with something sweet, like an apple pie filling, or chocolate, as well as savory things.  

They also used to rent specialty cake pans locally, but I don’t know if they still do that.  I was going to rent a Barney shaped pan, but at the time my son was such a fan I figured I would use it many times so I ended up buying one (I don’t recall if it was from this store or another one),  My son soon moved on to other things and it has long since been donated to a thrift store.   I do think I got the obnoxious “Barney” green and purple food dye that in concentrated and comes in little pots.   It made all the difference in creating a more professional looking cake.

At the above location, when my son was younger twice we signed up for a gingerbread class, I believe it was $25, and they supplied the pre-baked and shaped cookies, the royal icing in a bag and a vast variety of candies to decorate the house, along with a gingerbread decorating book and a coordinator was available if you needed assistance or suggestions.   We has a blast decorating the houses together, although the first one was demolished the first day after I put it on the trunk of the car and the wind blew it off.

In checking out Country Kitchen’s website it looks like they still offer a few group classes with a minimum number signed up and a birthday party option for a total of 10 people.   It looks like now sell online as well as locally and have a vast array of confectionery products for amateur to professional bakers.


Location:  4621 Speedway Dr, Fort Wayne, IN 46825


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