Dining in the Bar at Applebees

As Marv had never dined at Applebee’s we decided to dine there this evening. We didn’t want a booth and it seemed the only other table was in the bar and this was our view from where we were seated right before we left.   

It was fairly full when we arrived shortly after 9pm, but the crowd thinned down about 20 minutes later It has been years since I had set in such a high seat like a bar stool of any kind.  Instead of bringing back what I thought might be my younger nightclub going days, instead it made me feel like a kid at the adult table at Thanksgiving with my feet dangling in the air off the chair about be told “You have to eat at least a little bit of Turkey”.   On the 2 for $20 entree with appetizer there was a side of cooked broccoli, carrots and zucchini and while I love all of those raw, not a fan of the cooked variety so was not so different that Turkey days of yore as I didn’t want to see them go to waste so I ate them.

As we had recently tried Chili’s 2 for $20 we compared the two.  For the appetizer here we had two side salads instead of onion rings and we both had the Sirloin Steak which came with potatoes and the aforementioned cooked vegetables.  Marv liked Applebee’s better because they had Blue Cheese Dressing and many restaurants don’t.   I didn’t care for the salad as half of it had dark green leaves and I didn’t like their flavor or texture and I preferred Chili’s.




2 comments on “Dining in the Bar at Applebees”

  1. too yuppi and not enough old people. I think the old people were at Cracker Barrel, Richards and Bob Evans

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