Taco Bell Chipotle Sour Cream Dip

I purchased this for around $2 at Meijers as I was curious about it as it was a new product by Kraft, despite the fact we had recently bought Taco Bell Queso and was less than thrilled with it, probably because as I have mentioned before, I love sour cream.

The dip is made with real sour cream with Chipotle pepper flavor and has a creamy smooth thick texture.  The flavor is sour cream with a bit of spicy kick of the Chipotle peppers.As a dip with plain tortilla chips I found it a bit lacking for flavor overall.  Perhaps if used in conjunction with a flavored chip it would work.

However, as an ingredient to use in recipes instead of sour cream I love it as it adds a layer of flavor, especially in Mexican dishes or even a dollop on top of a cheese or vegetable (maybe even bacon, but I have not tried that) omelet to give it a little extra something.

They also had Spicey Habernero and Creamy Jalapeno and I plan on trying those as well.





One comment on “Taco Bell Chipotle Sour Cream Dip”

  1. i don’t like this because it lacks flavor

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