Veg of Allegiance

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Normally we do Whopper Wednesday, but as my cohort was busy it was meatless Wednesday instead.

This weekend I took Morningstar Farms Veg of Allegiance:

I to go meatless for 7 meals a week for a healthier diet.

If you go to Morningstar Farms website, they do offer an option to enter a sweepstakes for prizes on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest only (not WordPress or any other blogger forum), but that is not my reason for taking the pledge.

Off and on during my lifetime I have been a practicing no meat vegetarian, but obvious from all of the dining out posts I am not currently.  When I did feel better and had less of a problem with weight issues when I did not include meat in my diet.  The video below and the website has many more reasons, many being environmental ones for going meatless for a few meals a week, along with the over 30 products they offer and a variety of recipes that incorporate their product.

I have tried several of Morningstar Farms and like most of their burgers, but like the crumbles used in recipes and I prefer their breakfast veggie “sausage patties” better than actual meat sausage.   It has a spicy flavor and meat-like texture and is fabulous with eggs and toast or an English Muffin topped with mayo.

The veggie “bacon” is ok for what it is, but just not quite bacon.    All I have to do to make it taste better though is watch Kyle’s kiddie movies “Babe” or “Gordy” and the guilt that I might be eating one of their family members makes that Veggie Bacon much more palatable.


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