“Wheel of Death”

By: kmom14

May 07 2015

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Category: Work

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Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

This is the vending machine where I work and when I worked at the Call Center many years ago, it had been nicknamed the “Wheel of Death” because if the weather was bad, you worked a 10 to 12 hours on  3rd shift and forgot your lunch, if you were hungry unless you wanted to sustain yourself with chips and candy and chips, your only alternative was to visit the wheel and hope to find something that had not gone bad.

Safer choices were canned juices, ramen noodles and crackers and cheese.  The Po’Boy sandwich (which I have not seen in awhile) was as 50/50 and not bad if you smelled it and it had not gone bad and dressed it up with mayo and mustard packets.  Choices to avoid were the biscuits and gravy and the mystery meat burgers.   On the milk, was best to see if you could view an expired by date before venturing.

I learned to tolerate Doritos and Snickerz and an occasional bag of Snyders Pretzel pieces.

I think they have changed vending suppliers since I last worked 3rd shift; I think they try to keep thing fresher on the upside; but on the downside is like above, the wheel is more empty than full and never more than about halfway stocked.


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