Antique Coca Cola Bottle Vending Machine

The above machine is probably from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s because prior to then, all Coca Cola vending machines had been for 5 cents.

An interesting piece of trivia is the at the first Coca Cola vending machine was inventing in Muncie, Indiana, less than 60 miles away from where this picture was taken, by Glascock Brothers Manufacturing Co.. although it was just ice box that literally contained an ice block an up to 72 6 oz glass bottles .

The vending machines similar to above were made Vendo Company and Vendorlator Manufacturing Company in partnership with The Coca-Cola during WWII to provide US military men with free cokes.   It was not until after WWII that the coin operated vending machines, similar to the one above where you would put in a nickel then open the door and pull out a cold 6oz glass bottle of Coca-Cola 5 cents and you had to have exact change.

The price  and was not raised until the late 50s to early 6o’s due to a bottling contract that has been in place for nearly 70 years, change in advertising being but mainly the cost to replace existing vending machine.   In 1953 the Coca-Cola even made unsuccessful attempt to the US Treasury issue a 7.5 cent coin as their costs had increased and the rate needed to be raised.   It eventually was in the last 50’s to early ’60s and vending machines like the above were common until late 60’s when they started switching over to cans (maybe earlier in less rural areas)

I am originally from a small non-progressive small town and when I was in grade school there was one at a small grocery store on the way home where if I had enough money I would get one as I could avoid the clerk inside who narc to my Mom as we weren’t allowed to have pop except once a week and then it was a Dixie cup of Faygo,  but I had to figure out where I was going to stash the bottle before in the house.

The above machine is on display in the ’70s room of Aunt Bee’s Drive-In (formerly Arnold’s Drive-In) in Decatur, Indiana (picture taken 5/10/2015)

Source info on vending machine”  History of Coke Vending Machines – Vending WorldWikipedia


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  1. well written and informative. A+

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