$25 Loan to Teresa in Guatemala toward Furniture on KIVA

Photo  Kiva.org

As the prior loan I made on Kiva.org was almost paid off I decided to put in for another $25 crowd-funded no-interest micro loan, usually in impoverished areas.

This will be the 10th loan I have made to the organization; of the 10 loans, 3 have been dedication in memorium where can list your dedication (but repaid funds go to Kiva to offset administrative expenses.

The reason listed for a request trying to raise a total $25o (as translated by a Kiva volunteer) is as follows:

“Teresa is a young person of 21 years old. She lives with her parents in the community of Sololá.  She has the intention of earning an income to support her parents with household expenses. She has worked as a maid for four years, but she supplements her income by selling basic items.
Teresa is a very entrepreneurial young person who strives day by day for her dreams. One of those dreams is that she can furnish her home, but she does not have sufficient money to be able to buy furniture. Therefore, she decided to request a loan to be able to buy furniture necessary to make her home more comfortable.
Teresa also dreams that she will be able to buy land and build a better house for her family.”

I probably picked her as she is my son’s age and her ambition to improve the quality of her life and dedication to her parents is admirable.

For more information on Kiva.org visit their website.


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