Roman Like Taking Pictures

By: kmom14

May 16 2015


Category: Roman, Shelby

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Kyle popped in to change clothes and said Roman was outside so I grabbed the camera to take a picture of him and has you can see in the first picture he was curious about the camera and is reaching for it.   I gave it to him and showed him the picture I had just taken of him and helped him take a picture of his Dad in the 2nd picture and then showed it to him and he smiled and was checking out the camera more very studiously.  Right about then Kyle came out and they we getting ready to take off to I took the camera back and he gave me the “Hey, why are you taking my new toy” away look in the last picture, but he didn’t say a word or make a sound the entire time I was out there.


One comment on “Roman Like Taking Pictures”

  1. go and get one of your own

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