Safety Orange…No…just…No

Prior to working Home Depot orange was not on Marv’s wardrobe color palette and he even used to rib a former supervisor of his for always wearing orange socks.  However, ever since donning the bright orange apron for Home Depot, he seems to have developed a love for it as I see him wearing orange hats an t-shirts all the time and heck, it it makes him happy, more power to him.

However, we went Goodwill’in yesterday as half price day yesterday and in search of a shirt for him to wear to an upcoming wedding.   Marv was looking in the corner and I was looking on a rack up front when he said.   “Hey, how about this one!”  Although it might look a bit red in the photo, it was a blinding bright orange.   The only utterance I could get out was “No…just…No”.    I didn’t stick around to see if the shirt made it into the cart or not.


2 comments on “Safety Orange…No…just…No”

  1. thank you this one really had me laughing

  2. I was looking for a reaction from you and boy did I get it. “No! not only no, but Hell No!”

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