Bravas Specialty Burgers

A bit pricey for burgers, but they are made special by their in-house burger blend and sauces; veggie burger option just average and need to work on consistency in plating/serving.

Over the weekend we decided to try out Bravas Specialty Burgers which is next door to the former Casa D’Angelos on Fairfield, which is now Wunderkammer Company Art Center.

It is more of a “new concept” restaurant that you find in bigger cities that are just starting to pop up in Fort Wayne where everything is made fresh in-house, including they butcher, grind and make their own mixture for burgers served with their own recipes for sauces in a minimalist environment and where you order at a counter then the food is brought to you when completed.  The food is served on metal trays topped with a liner with the fries served in a to-go type cardboard basket.   The beverages are sold in cans, but there is a station in the dining area with water and you could get a cup from that station.

My guest and I both ordered the “Dave’s Not Here, Man” burger, which is  topped with their House smoked bacon, crispy fried onion, smoked Cheddar Mayo and BBQ sauce, but I ordered the veggie burger.   Although the prices are marked on the menu board, by guest was surprised that the burger did not come with the fried potatoes called “Patatas”and there were an additional $3 on top of the $12 for the burger, but we were told they were served with chips.

Another thing that was different is we were given the option to tip which confused us a bit since we were ordering at the window and thought we would be waiting until it was ready, but we were advised we could have a seat and it would be brought out to us.

We decided to dine outside on the sidewalk at one of the wrought iron cafe tables in front of the restaurant instead at one of the picnic tables inside and it was very nice and relaxing as there was very little traffic.

The order taker/server did check to be sure I wanted bacon on my veggie burger, which was a good catch.  Both burgers were very thick and my guest loved it and later said he took back what he said about $12 being too much for a burger as it was very good.

I had hopes for the veggie burger as I saw on the sign that it contained nuts so I was expecting something with a texture, but although the veggie burger was red and although looked like a burger, it had a smooth texture and not really any flavor if you got a bite of it on its own.  It is no something I would order again, but have to commend them for offering a veggie option.

 The Patatas are a Spanish dish of chopped up white potatoes that boiled then dried, then fried in oil and served with a spicy ketchup and garlic aioli.   These were delicious and the sauces were everything.  The spicy orange-ish sauce  was a little like Thousand Island dressing but with a spicy kick of ground Cayenne and maybe a little of ground Paprika as well.   The garlic aioli had just the right amount of garlic to compliment the potatoes.

The order taker did check back and my guest advised that the Diet Coke was missing and the fella quickly went to get it and apologized and said he normally did not take orders.   We didn’t realize until later that we were missing the chips on both trays.

This is a place I will dine at again but next time, I getting a real burger.

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