Narrow Alley

By: kmom14

May 19 2015


Category: Fort Wayne

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In dining at Bravas Specialty Burgers the parking is in back and the quickest way to get to the front entrance is through a narrow walkway between Wunderkammer Company Art Center and Bravas.   It is wider than it looks in the photo and we could comfortably get through, but a guy was coming from the opposite direction when I walked through and it was a bit socially uncomfortable.


One comment on “Narrow Alley”

  1. that’s me way down at the other end. I turned around after my conversation was not being ..uh.. conversed and when I turned around to see where Kathy was she hadn’t even started walking down this walkway between the building. When we were ready to head back to our vehicle instead of walking in this path we walked around the block to get back to the vehicle that was parked in the rear parking lot. That’s ok, we walked off some of our meal

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