Dining with Marv at Steak ‘N Shake

By: kmom14

May 23 2015


Category: Marv, Steak & Shake


Focal Length:4.6mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

In the late afternoon, somewhere between lunch and dinner…what do you call that?   Between breakfast and lunch is brunch, but have not heard a saying between lunch and dinner/supper.   Do you call it Lunner?  Dinunch?  Lupper?  Supunch?

I digress, we went to eat at at Steak ‘N Shake and has a Butterfinger Shake and a bowl of Chili and both look good.   We like going there as you get good value for the price and the food is good and we like the atmosphere of the old time dine; well except for when it gets busy as some of the tables are close together and it can make you a little claustrophobic.  Shortly before we left a table was seated behind Marv and he said one of the young fellas behind him was in desperate need of a shower.

For someone who doesn’t know Marv, they might think his look is contemplative or deep in thought; however, I know that look as Kyle gets that same look and it is actually a combination of gassy, yet constipated.


2 comments on “Dining with Marv at Steak ‘N Shake”

  1. you keep me smilin’

  2. I just read this again and enjoyed it again

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