Jiffy Pop Popcorn

While shopping at our local Kroger affiliate I was browsing the microwave popcorn when I spotted this on the bottom shelf and got excited as I had not had this since I was a kid and I didn’t even know they made it any more…its Jiffy Pop Popcorn for $1.99.

It comes in a little pan with a handle as pictured in the upper right hand corner and you take the cardboard topping off,  put it on the stove and shake constantly and the aluminum part puffs up to look sort of like an alien space ship.

You pop it for 2-5 minutes (temperature and time vary for gas and electric and even stove to stove) until you hear the kernels stop popping.  Once it stops and you peel a bit of the top off of the foil, shake a little salt on it and you can even serve it in its little pan/alien space ship.

It had a fresher flavor than you get from microwave popcorn and I didn’t have any unpopped kernels.

It was as fun to make as it was to eat and would recommend it to anyone to try instead of their normal reach for microwave popcorn…I may never go back.


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