Science Central

Since I posted the updated sign yesterday for Science Central, I decided to post the a picture of the front (which faces South).

It is the former City Light and Power Building, constructed between 1928 and 1935 and has been the home of Science Central since it opened around 1995.  As it was original an electrical power plant , the museum has some of those original pieces incorporated and brightly painted.

Before they opened they had a fundraiser at our local zoo and for $35 you were able to purchase a tile and put your hand print on it in non-toxic paint to display in the building.  I bought one and had my then 10 month old put his hand print on a tile and the last time we were in there is was still on the wall near the gift shop.

Along with a lot of fun memories of dozens, if not hundreds of visits, one year I purchased one of their birthday packages and my son’s birthday party there and it was fun for both the kids and adults that attended.

Location: 1950 N. Clinton St., Fort Wayne, IN


Link to Buy One Get One Free Admission on


One comment on “Science Central”

  1. we have also stayed overnight for one of their sleepovers

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