Jefferson Point Outdoor Shopping Mall

By: kmom14

May 29 2015

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I am sure they have outdoor malls (not just strip malls) all over the country, but other than Chicago the only other one I have seen is the one we have in Fort Wayne,Jefferson Point Mall, is only the second one that I have seen.   I don’t go to this mall often (or any mall for that matter) but I do like the mix of the trees and shrubs in the center and the store fronts to the left and right.

This is the view from the front of Marshall’s, where I went to pick up some shopping bags and more off to one end an was not much foot traffic down this way, but was busy in the food court area to the right on the way back to my car.

From looking at Jefferson Point’s website, there are currently 78 different stores.


Location: Jefferson Point Mall, Near Jefferson Blvd & Illinois Road, Fort Wayne, IN




One comment on “Jefferson Point Outdoor Shopping Mall”

  1. if you recall, Huntington has one too, right in the middle of town covering 3 blocks of Jefferson from Park Drive to Court Street

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