Navigating with the “Smart Phone”

By: kmom14

May 30 2015


Category: Marv


After the wedding, we stopped at a gas station as is was raining hard and to try to figure out where the reception was using Marv’s “Smart Phone”.

I have kidded him many times that his “Smart Phone” either was programmed by someone who’s first language is not English, or was a D- student, and its navigation skills seemed to be on par with that. On they way it told us to turn right on the way to the wedding and if we had, we would have ended up in a corn field.  Janet did say they had changed the roads a few years ago and that would have turned so apparently the map on GPS in the phone had not been

Several times during the day the phone dropped the service unexpectedly as it lost getting a signal and had to enter the address again.   He would get frustrated and beat the screen with his index finger, like scolding it would prompt it work.

Above we are parked near the propane tanks and  you would think that  Hank Hill’ worked there as we were checked on checked with us 3 times in the pouring rain to be sure we didn’t need any propane.


2 comments on “Navigating with the “Smart Phone””

  1. who would have thought that $200.00 would be considered a “cheap” phone

  2. real good picture.looks like someone is getting a little grey.

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