2016 Ford Fusion

This was a rental car through Priceline at Budget rentals at our local airport.  It is a 2016 Ford Fusion.  It is a full size car but with a sporty look of a more compact car.

Marv had said in one of his auto magazines that it ended up ranking lower than other autos as it had so many gadgets that people found confusing.   In climbing in, it is a little intimidating at first as there are so many push buttons and gadgets both on he console and on the steering wheel (see pic below).

Once you get in and start checking things out and pushing buttons most things were reasonable to navagate (the was no instruction book in the glove box).   I was able to get the eat to adjust using the buttons on the lower left hand side of the seat, there were radio controls on the right hand of the steering wheel and looked like there as an option for connecting your phone to the radio, but did not try checking it out.  On the left on the steering wheel was cruise control, which came in handy on our return trip.    A very cool feature was the backup camera that initiated whenever you would put the vehicle in reverse (on the screen that displays radio station/song info in the center console), which came in handy when I had to back down a steep hill at a wedding reception and don’t think I would have been successful without it.  The only thing we really had a hard time figuring out was getting the gas door open to gas up the car.  We pushed about every button in the vehicle and Marv suggested pushing on the door and it popped open.

The only thing that we didn’t like about the car was the console went all the way to the end of the seats and the cup holders were more at elbow than hand level an kept bumping them as we had very large soft drinks and it felt very confining.   I think this would be a good car if were going on a business trip and wanted more personal space and fewer restroom breaks as you would probably opt for small soft drinks, but it is not something I would want to purchase for my personal use due to the center console design.

Picture 169


2 comments on “2016 Ford Fusion”

  1. great review . I thought I was reading ” Car And Driver”

  2. […] and fees of $8.60.  Fortunately, it did not smell like old man and it was an almost brand new 2016 Ford Fusion with a little over 1,000 miles.  The rental included unlimited miles and I chose the option to […]

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