“Glow of the Fog”

By: kmom14

Jun 10 2015

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Focal Length:15.4mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S3100

I didn’t take any pics today, so going with an old story that involves Marv, who I met for one of our many “Whopper Wednesday” excursions at Burger King.

Back when we were married and pre-K (pre-Kyle) Marv, which I had nicknamed “Mr. Tickets” after we married as I found out we had to be on expensive,high-risk insurance because of his former vehicle carelessness. I to rib him that he had been through defensive driving so many times he should be able to teach the class. I shocked to hear that despite my nagging, he indicated he had gotten a ticket for going through a red light about 3 years later (around 1989) after I had brow beaten him to clean up his act and which I thought that he had.

He assured me had not gone off my brow-beaten tract.  The situation was that there was a semi-truck ahead of him heading North on Clinton at Main Street and it was green when he entered he intersection and for a few seconds, he couldn’t even see the color.  For whatever reason, traffic was backed up, but he assured me it was yellow by the time he cleared the intersection, not red as the police officer had indicated on the ticket.

He decided to fight the ticket because of this and took the day off work and went to Court, which I had thought would be a waste or time.   He gave his rendition of what happened to the Judge and when the police officer was asked his position, he indicated he was on the right, facing west on Main.  As that was not the direct line of sight, but to the right of it, the Judge asked how the officer knew the light was red when Marv cleared it and the officer advised he knew the color due to the “Glow of the fog”.  The Judge slammed the gavel and said “Case Dimissed”, which happily shocked and delighted Marv, but shocked and ticked off the the officer more as he was still trying to scrambled to try plead his case as he thought he was in the right, while the Judge directed the Bailiff to bring up the next case.

Do have to admit on foggy days I have tried to see if I can see a light change due to the “glow of the fog” but never have (maybe at the top facing the light, but not at the side).

It is the only ticket I have every heard where the Judge decided in favor of the Defendant in a traffic case in this town and later learned that is no small victory, as I was ticketed twice for things I didn’t do and had a witnesses.


4 comments on ““Glow of the Fog””

  1. I asked the cop where he was because he was not behind me or to the right of me lafayetter is one way going north, I was headed east turning north. the cop said he was facing west, towards me. I said then how did you see the turn arrow? and he answered ” by the glow of the fog”. I started laughing because it was so unexpected and so Lame. I said “Judge” and the judge said the turn arrow really can’t through out that much light that it would be noticeable from behind and tossed out the case. I had timed the light and turn arrow to plead my case and I used the 8 seconds the turn arrow was lit and said that was just not enough time to even make it through the intersection and the judge agreed with me that the turn arrow saw really short. The I asked the cop where he was in relationship to view the turn arrow and me

  2. not ” lafayetter is one way going north” but it’s Clinton that is going west. That’s the street I turned north on from Main Street, I was going east on Main Street, found the turn arrow lit at the intersection of Main and Clinton and followed a semi through the lit, energized turn arrow.

  3. DANG!!!! wrong again– Clinton goes NORTH– one way North at Main Street. I was going East on Main Street and turned North on Clinton St.– the cop was heading West on Main Street directly opposite me on Main Street

  4. Who’s on first?

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