Hoosier Drive-In – a no-frills retro dining gem

As a teen I remember driving past this establishment on my way to a friend’s house, but never stopped in.  After trying it after a wedding on the way home at the suggestion of my guest, I wish that I had.

It was opened in 1960, over 50 years ago, and very retro.  It is a drive-in; well actually more of a drive-up, get your food to go or eat at the picnic table sort of place.  It has with minimal staff, small building, port-o-potties for the restrooms and some of the most amazing retro-fried foods.  They have breaded cheeseburger like no other I have ever tried, with a thick burger instead of a thin one and cheese inside the breading.   The fries were crispy but had an old-school taste that you don’t find in today’s health conscious environment and probably not fried in polyunsaturated oils.  It may have spiked my cholesterol, but totally worth it.  It is like being teleported back in time to the late 60’s to early 70’s for your tastebuds.

My guest made the purchase, but it sounded like the food was fairly inexpensive.  If you are in Huntington, Indiana, I would recommend checking this place out (but go to the restroom elsewhere beforehand…there is no such thing as as sanitary port-o-potty.)

Location: Huntington  1525 Etna Ave, Huntington, IN 46750

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